welcome to home of grlla token.

GRLLA Token is the currency of the NFTGorilla ecosystem. It is used to buy exclusive NFTs before they go on sale in the open NFT markets like opensea, Rarible & Mintable.

grlla token powers

GRLLA Token is used to purchase NFTs on it also enables us to airdrop free limited edition NFTs to members of GRLLAGANG!

total supply

GRLLA per bnb

he who hodl.

All accounts holding 10 million or more GRLLA at the launch of NFTGorilla will get a special limited mint #GRLLAGANG NFT!

grlla token bounty program now live.

GRLLA token bounty program is now live, we are giving away over $100,000 worth of limited mint GRLLA NFT’s

Join our telegram to get started earning points for promoting GRLLA!

how to buy grlla.

Buying GRLLA is super simple, just send bnb to the contract address and it will send you back your GRLLA.

Exchange Rate: 1 BNB =  5,000,000 GRLLA

ONLY SEND BNB TO THIS contract from the bsc wallet where you want to receive your GRLLA not from an exchange.

Become an affiliate.

Earn 5% on all GRLLA sales you generate over 0.1 BNB

Enter your BSC address to get your unique linking code.

Share your link on reddit, youtube, facebook, minds ect.

When someone buys 0.1 BNB or more worth of GRLLA using your unique linking code you’ll get 5%

official Contacts

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